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Why you are in good hands with us

I, Michaela Heidig, and my qualified and motivated staff stand behind Spracheninstitut Babel.

We do not only teach foreign languages. We also want to open up new horizons for you with the new language.

In return, we are happy to apply innovative methods in foreign language teaching and to share our joy in foreign languages.

About me

I have been working enthusiastically as an English teacher and translator since I graduated from a university of applied sciences in 2007 with a degree in translation. You can find my work history below.

Together we offer you:

Language courses for English, Spanish, Russian and German as a foreign language

as well as

Certified translations

Spracheninstitut Babel Sprachkurse Übersetzungen
Spracheninstitut Babel – Language Courses & Certified Translations

Language Learning – Motivation and Native Speakers – THE PATENT RECIPE TO SUCCESS?

Language learning – motivation and native speakers – this is the combination you need to learn a foreign language. No, I am not a native English speaker, but I can still teach you English, and often better than native speakers. Teaching foreign languages does not only involve mastering the language. Or could you spontaneously teach German?


In addition to good didactic skills and comprehensive knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, other factors play a decisive role in being able to teach a foreign language well. On the one hand, the teacher must know the problems that learners face time and again. That is, which topics need special attention because they often lead to mistakes. Another point that contributes significantly to the success of the language course is the enjoyment of the language. We have this joy in our foreign languages and share it with our learners. Because what you learn with enthusiasm is particularly firmly anchored in your memory.

What good are native speakers if they can’t explain the rules of the language to you? You will learn words, phrases and sentences that you can repeat later. It takes more than that to form correct sentences on your own. Language acquisition does not work that way. Maybe if you live abroad for a longer period of time. But only if you study diligently on your own or communicate more than average with native speakers. Usually, however, only a few hours a week are available for a language course.

Not to forget: motivation. Who likes to learn what you have to learn? For us, it is important to get you excited about the foreign language so that you don’t even notice that you are learning something. Then you start to deal with the foreign language voluntarily. The most expensive language course will not help if the motivation is missing, because:

Teachers open the door but you must enter by yourself.

Chinese Proverb


Degree in translation (FH) for English

Publicly appointed and sworn translator for the English language

TEFL Certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

Further education

Translating scientific and popular science texts in the language pair English-German, Berlin, September 2016

One-to-one English training with native speaker, Brighton, July 2015

Web localisation, Berlin (BDÜ), February 2014

Seminar Vehicle Technology, Leipzig (BDÜ), September 2013

English workshop for technical translators, Edinburgh, June 2013


Freelance English trainer and translator since 2007

Head of the Department of Languages (Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences from 2018 to 2020)

Academic English teacher for staff and students (Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences from 2015 to 2020)

Assistant in the Strategic Projects Team (Bombardier Transportation Görlitz from 2009 to 2010)

Project manager and English lecturer (DEKRA Akademie GmbH in 2008)

Self-employed as a product designer

Study Translate English/Polish

Internship in the pedagogical field


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