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Advantages of learning English in private lessons


Again and again we meet people who urgently need to improve their English skills, for example for their job, and are therefore looking for individual English lessons or a group course.

How effective is a group course?

Many have already taken the first step, participated in a group course and were thus able to build up basic knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. But usually there is a lack of motivation, time or even a certain pressure in the form of concrete tasks that have to be mastered promptly in English. And suddenly, some of them find themselves in a professional situation that requires good English communication skills.

The speaking portion of an individual is relatively small in a group course, depending on the number of participants. As a result, much is learned in theory and stored in passive memory. However, it is not retrievable when it matters. In order to transfer knowledge from passive to active memory, it has to be applied. Why should the brain keep things immediately retrievable if they are never needed? Think about German foreign words: how many do you recognise when you read them (passively)? And how many do you use in your daily communication (active)?

And what exactly are the advantages?

In one-to-one English classes, learners only have to share their speaking time with the trainer. This means that she or he speaks about half the time in a 90-minute lesson block with a focus on free speaking and can transfer more and more passive vocabulary into active vocabulary. In addition to this clear advantage of individual courses over group courses, the content of the individual training can be adapted precisely to the learners’ previous knowledge and goals. Clear successes are thus achieved in a very short time.

We would be happy to help you prepare for your professional tasks, for example, with an individual Business English course. In a first preliminary meeting, we will get a comprehensive picture of your language skills and discuss the objective of the English training as well as the time frame. The learning content of your course will always be reviewed and adapted by us as experts, so that you get the maximum benefit from the time you invest.

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