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Babel? Isn’t that a language learning app?


Learn languages at Spracheninstitut Babel: language courses for companies and adults & translation agency. But Babel? That’s this app, isn’t it? Or what does Babel mean?

Perhaps you have heard of the biblical story The Tower of Babel (Gen 11:1-9)? It goes something like this: Thousands of years before Christ, some Babylonians began to build a tower so high that God himself descended to earth. In view of the obvious threat to his power, he decided to confuse the language of mankind, which had been the same until then (Babel = turmoil). Consequently, the communication necessary for the completion of the arrogant tower project was henceforth no longer possible. The biblical birth of foreign languages.

We were happy to include this beautiful story in our company name because of its significance. Even though the name “Babel” is rarely associated with its actual origin these days.

Learn languages at Spracheninstitut Babel: language courses for companies and adults in Görlitz and online

Spracheninstitut Babel, based in Görlitz, offers you a wide range of different private and company language courses in the region of Görlitz, Bautzen, Zittau and Dresden. You can also take all language courses online at any time.

Benefit from our many years of experience in teaching foreign languages. With us you can learn English, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Russian and German as a foreign language. And in the process, you will not only acquire foreign language skills, but also get to know the country and its people.

Our language teachers have appropriate qualifications to teach the respective foreign language and sound experience in online and face-to-face teaching. We want you to make rapid progress and be able to express yourself independently in your chosen language. This means that in addition to vocabulary and phrases, you will also learn basic grammatical structures, which will enable you to form sentences independently and not just repeat memorised phrases.

Here you will find the languages we offer:

Can I also learn a foreign language myself? For example, with an app?

If you have a lot of time, know how to structure and prepare the material to be learned and are prepared to deal with grammatical rules until you have not only understood them but also internalised them, then it can work. But it does not have to. Our own experiences and those of our clients show time and again that apps, websites with exercises and explanations, podcasts, videos, etc. are a very good support for learning a foreign language. However, without someone who can structure this multitude of possibilities for you, explain the grammar to you in a comprehensible way, practise what you have learned with you and, above all, talk to you, learning success will be rather slow. Last but not least, many people often feel this way: after deciding to finally learn a new language or to improve a foreign language, learners start highly motivated and really throw themselves into learning. Unfortunately, as soon as the first hurdles appear or work and private life take up more space, motivation decreases continuously in most cases and the project is too often put on hold again. This is where the language teacher comes in. Thanks to years of experience, we know when and how intensively we need to deal with each topic with our students. Setting deadlines and homework help to keep the priority of the language course high enough among other commitments to make progress and last but not least, communicating with a real person greatly supports the learning process.