certified translations

Certified translation of official documents

We will be happy to provide you with the certified translation of your certificates, documents and attestations, such as:

  • Documents, e.g. marriage, birth, death certificates
  • work, school and university certificates
  • police certificates of good conduct
  • driving licences
  • medical certificates
  • registration certificates
  • contracts

What is a certified translation?

With the certification, the court-certified translator certifies that the translation is complete and that its content corresponds to the original document. Certified translations can only be produced by translators who are officially sworn or authorised by a court.

The finished translation contains the title “Certified translation from … language”, the note on completeness and correctness of content as well as a stamp of the translator with his or her signature. An officially certified copy of the original document is often required together with the original certified translation.

Languages offered for certified translations

We are translators who have been sworn in by the Higher Regional Court and have several years of professional experience. We translate your documents in the following language combinations:

English – German – English

Russian – German – Russian

Czech – German – Czech

You are welcome to send us a request for translation into other languages. We are sure to find a suitable sworn translator for you in our network.


For the preparation of a quotation we need the following information from you:

  • Document to be translated and target language (preferably as a PDF document and easily readable).
  • Delivery date (for urgent translations over the weekend or within 48 hours, an urgent surcharge of 50 per cent will be levied).

You can send us your enquiry directly by e-mail to: info(at)spracheninstitut-babel.de

Please ensure that your documents are fully recorded and legible.


Unlike general texts, which are usually available in Word or PDF format, the price for the translation with certification of an official document cannot be estimated as a flat rate per line. The reason for this is that, in addition to the translation service, there is usually a high level of formatting involved so that the translation also looks as much like the original as possible. Due to the diversity of certificates, diplomas and other official documents, new formatting with tables, different fonts and sizes, etc. must usually be created for each translation.

Therefore, we first need the document to be translated, as the price can only be determined after viewing the original document. You will receive a non-binding offer from us, which does not oblige you to place an order.

Why are certified translations needed?

If a translation alone is not sufficient, then it is usually the requirement of an official body, such as a public authority, school or university, a notary’s office or another official institution. Some employers also require the translated application documents to be certified. For official purposes, translations with certification by authorised translators are usually required. In this way, offices and authorities want to ensure that the original documents are reproduced correctly and completely.

What is an apostille?

For certified translations that are required abroad, an apostille is often required, which over-certifies the signature and stamp of the sworn translator.

Thus, the apostille is an official confirmation that the sworn translator is indeed authorised to issue a certified translation.

As a rule, the regional courts are responsible for issuing apostilles for certified translations.