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Benefit from 15 years of experience with company language courses

Learn Languages for your Job at Spracheninstitut Babel

Company language courses have been our core business for 15 years now, so we know what is important in a language course for employees, specialists and managers. With us you can learn English, Business English, Spanish, German as a foreign language, Italian, Polish or Russian successfully and sustainably with qualified and experienced language teachers. 

Reasons for a Corporate Language Course

Companies usually request language courses from us for similar reasons, such as:

Purchasing and sales are to be globalised so that there are more interfaces with international customers and suppliers. 

The company or group has branches in different countries and internal communication is to be improved with the help of a language course.

The German language skills of new employees are not yet sufficient for daily cooperation.

Whatever your reasons for looking into a language course for your company, yourself or your employees, with us you have a professional and qualified partner to support you in developing the foreign language skills in your company.

What Distinguishes our Language Courses from other Providers?

To ensure that our language courses, whether for you as a company or as a private individual, are as useful as possible, we compile our own teaching materials for each course or create completely new tasks and exercises. We only use textbooks – mostly at the request of our customers – in beginners’ courses, and we do not use them at all for intermediate levels and above. The reason for this is that there is no textbook that covers all the requirements and professional situations you will need in your job. That’s why we find out from the participants of a company language course which topics are really useful for their everyday professional life and practise them in class.

Depending on what goal you or your employees want to achieve in a new language and how quickly, we offer various solutions: 

From individual training to group courses, online and in-house language courses, intensive and specialised language courses for companies and language courses for managers – with us you will learn foreign languages effectively, practically and, above all, always in a customer-oriented way.

Our Offer

One-to-One Lessons

Tailor-made individual courses for professionals and managers. In-house and online courses with exactly the topics needed in everyday business life. The focus is on independent language use and responding appropriately in professional situations.

Group Courses for Companies

In the group language course, your employees come into contact across departments and learn to communicate internationally in a foreign language. In this way, you can improve communication with suppliers, customers and service providers and thus improve your company’s external image.

Job-Specific Language Courses

Special language courses for different companies and employees in different departments, such as accounting, purchasing, sales or production. Industry-specific courses with specialised vocabulary, such as tourism, gastronomy, the automotive industry, banking or IT. We offer the right solution for every industry.

Language Courses for Managers

Are you a manager, head of department or executive looking for a language course that will prepare you optimally for negotiations, customer and employee meetings, stays abroad or other situations typical of your position? At Spracheninstitut Babel, you will train the foreign language skills that will help you in your career in a course that is precisely tailored to your needs.

Intensive Language Courses for Companies

Do you or your employees need to get up to speed quickly in a foreign language or would you like to immerse yourself completely in a new language? Whether it’s an individual course or group lessons, at the weekend or training over several days or weeks. Together we will create the right language course for your company.

Online Language Courses for Companies

Online language courses for companies that are flexible in terms of time and location. You or your employees learn with experienced and qualified language teachers. The learning success is ensured by didactic methods adapted to the online lessons, using modern digital possibilities to make the language training varied and efficient.

Inhouse-Sprachkurse für Firmen

Inhouse Courses for Companies

We would be happy to come to your company in the Görlitz, Zittau, Löbau or Bautzen area and teach you or your employees on site. In addition to developing foreign language skills, this also brings people into contact with each other who would otherwise have few points of contact.

Business Englisch Sprachkurse

Business English Courses

The most frequently requested courses and our core business are still Business English courses for professionals and managers. Whether individual lessons, group courses, in-house or online – we make you fit in English for your job.

Feedback on our Language Courses for Companies

…progress in the use of the English language was good to excellent, as desired. The content actually realised exceeded the originally agreed level. It should also be noted that Ms Heidig teaches in a practical way and can also clarify very specific technical questions.

— Bombardier Transportation

…With professional competence and friendliness, she organises the lessons in a positive atmosphere. The participants particularly praise her flexibility and the sensitivity with which she adapts the lessons to the different levels of the participants. The participants have made very good progress in their knowledge and are motivated to take part in the lessons.

— NTT DATA Business Solutions Global Managed Services GmbH

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