englische Sprachschule. Effektiv Englisch lernen für Anfänger

Spracheninstitut Babel: The English language school for beginners and advanced learners in Görlitz, Zittau, Bautzen or Dresden. You can also learn English conveniently online at home. All our courses are focused on effective English learning and teaching with fun and professional methods.

Our goal as English trainers is not only to offer the necessary English skills at different levels (beginners, advanced…), our courses also include application-related training units and intercultural training.

Of course, everyday situations will be practised with you on a regular basis. These can be, for example: English for travel, small talk in English or simply what you need for your project. In this way, you are prepared for typical situations that you will encounter again and again in English-speaking countries.

Benefit from our extensive experience teaching English online and learn the language from the comfort and flexibility of your own home!

Don’t delay, do it today.

English language school – Learn English Online or in Görlitz, Bautzen, Zittau

We will be happy to prepare your personal offer based on the following information:

  • Approximate level (English for beginners, intermediate or advanced)
  • Possible time and place (day of the week & time of day, in-house English training or English company course/at your home or outside)
  • Online or face-to-face English course (we offer face-to-face English courses primarily in the Bautzen, Dresden, Zittau and Görlitz area)
  • English Individual Course or Group Course

Possible topics for your English course:

Effektiv Englisch lernen Görlitz Online
Learn English effectively Goerlitz Online

English for holidays

Open up completely new horizons for yourself by learning English for your holidays and finally communicate confidently abroad. Since English is encountered all around the world at hotels, airports or restaurants, our course will focus on those areas. Learn English effectively and be more confident on holiday. What are you waiting for?

Englische Sprachschule Görlitz Bautzen Online
English Language School Görlitz Bautzen Online

English for everyday life

Practise your English in everyday situations such as shopping, telephone calls, small talk or simply learn what all the English terms and phrases that surround us in our daily lives actually mean.

Englisch lernen für Anfänger Görlitz Online
Learn English for Beginners Görlitz Online

English for your hobby

Do you have a hobby that involves reading English journals, books, blogs or websites? Then we will be happy to help you train the necessary technical vocabulary. Why not combine the pleasant with the useful?

Why learn English for beginners and advanced learners at Spracheninstitut Babel?

We would like to help you improve your language skills and thus open up new horizons. As a highly motivated team that works flexibly and innovatively, we design the lessons in such a way that learning is easy for you and possible inhibitions about speaking in a foreign language are quickly overcome. We not only offer effective English learning for beginners and advanced learners. Under language courses you will find our entire range of languages.

Learning should be fun for you. To achieve this, we are happy to use creative methods in our English lessons because you are more likely to remember the language when you are having fun learning it. Our teachers will help you acquire competence in English that you can apply in everyday life.

To teach you these skills we have a lot of patience, at least as much as the nice English teacher in this entertaining video:

Pink Panther “I would like to buy a hamburger” (Watch on YouTube)