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German as a foreign language – from beginner to advanced learner – online or face-to-face teaching 

Do all Germans drink beer and eat Schnitzel all day? And what is a “Donaudampfschifffahrtsgesellschaft”? Learn German as a foreign language and get to know the culture – in a face-to-face or online German language course for beginners or advanced learners (Level A1-C1) at Spracheninstitut Babel.

You are making a fresh start in Germany and would like to apply for a new job or study in Germany, but your German language skills are not yet sufficient? Then you have come to the right place. Experienced and qualified German teachers can offer both online and face-to-face teaching. We make learning German easy and enjoyable.

We always adapt our face-to-face and online German courses to your requirements and create a positive learning atmosphere, so that you quickly lose any inhibitions you may have about speaking in a foreign language.

Benefit from our extensive experience in online German lessons! Learn German as a foreign language online from the comfort and flexibility of your home with experts. All you need is a computer or tablet and, if possible, a webcam. No complicated software installations are required. Just click on a link and you’re ready to go. This teaching method is particularly suitable for one-to-one German lessons.

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Get a Quote for your Language Course “German as a Foreign Language”

We are happy to provide you with a personal and non-binding quote for a German language course based on the following information:

  • your estimated level (German course for beginners or intermediate/ advanced learners)
  • a possible time and place (day of week & time of day, in-house training/at your home/ at an alternative location)
  • your preference for online or face-to-face classes (we offer face-to-face German courses primarily in the Zittau, Görlitz, Bautzen, Dresden areas)
  • your preference for individual classes or group classes, as well as
  • your preference for in-house company or private classes

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Why is German so difficult to learn?

If you decide to learn German, you will need a little stamina, because German is one of the more difficult languages. In addition to articles, which are usually a great challenge for learners of German, composites, i.e. long compound words, such as Kaffeetassenproduktion or Morgengrauen, are not necessarily easy to learn. For foreigners, German words often sound quite similar. Differentiating the vocabulary therefore takes some practice. As already mentioned, the German articles and their correct form are a topic in themselves. In total, 16 different equivalents are possible for the English “the”, depending on the genus and case. This brings us to the four German cases, which also require different forms of the article and partly of the noun. Not to forget the verbs, it should be mentioned at this point that they do not make it too easy for the learner either: Verbs can be split, combined with other syllables and rearranged in the sentence.

Nevertheless, you will be proud of yourself if you have overcome these hurdles. Whether for your job – Germany is the second largest exporting country in the world and German is the second most important language in science – or your private life: the effort will pay off in any case.