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Italian Speaking | Online Private Lessons

Would you like to speak Italian online or are you looking for an Italian language school in the Görlitz or Zittau area? Then the language school “Spracheninstitut Babel” is the right place for you. Our Italian teacher, a native speaker, can teach you beginner’s Italian or advanced. You will learn a lot about Italy and Italian culture. Our teacher will make it easy, fun and enjoyable for you.

Whether you want to learn Italian for your holidays, your job or for other reasons. We always adapt our Italian online lessons to your requirements and create an atmosphere that will help you let go of any inhibitions you might have when speaking Italian.

Benefit from our extensive experience with online Italian courses and learn Italian from the comfort of your own home or use this opportunity to speak Italian in a more flexible way. All you need is a computer or tablet and (if possible) a webcam. No complicated installations are required. Just click on a link and you’re ready to go. This teaching method is particularly suitable for online Italian lessons.

Italienisch Online Kurs Einzelunterricht

Offer Italian Online Course

We will be happy to make you an individual and non-binding offer for an Italian course based on the following information:

  • Approximate level (Italian for beginners, intermediate or advanced)
  • Possible time and place (day of week & time of day, in-house Italian course/at your home or outside).
  • Face-to-face or Italian Online lessons (we currently only offer face-to-face Italian courses in the Zittau and Görlitz area)
  • Italian group or one-to-one lessons and
  • Italian private lessons or in-house company course

Val più saper che aver.

(Knowledge is worth more than having.)

Why learn Italian in Online Lessons at Spracheninstitut Babel?

Teaching languages such as Italian, Spanish, English and many more is not only our profession. Our language teachers at Spracheninstitut Babel find their job very satisfying which benefits our customers. We are not just teaching languages like it was back in school, but instead we are bringing you closer to the culture and its people. We are thrilled to be able to share our passion for this beautiful language with you and in no time you will be speaking Italian!

Italian gestures

Have you ever wondered what those Italian gestures mean? Then take a look here:

Watch Italian gestures and their meaning on YouTube