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Whether beginners or advanced learners, learn Polish and get to know our immediate neighbours in the tri-border area – with our Polish course in the area of Görlitz, Zittau or conveniently online from home.

Can you really teach me Polish?

Polish is not an easy language to learn. But as with everything you want to learn, the success of the learning process depends on the teacher. At Spracheninstitut Babel, we place great value on the joy of learning the new language, in addition to well thought-out didactic approaches and modern methodology. Because you will never forget what you enjoy learning. No matter which foreign language you want to learn: it will take quite a while until the first successes appear. We are therefore happy to support you with motivation and varied learning content so that you can get through longer lean periods and get closer and closer to your goal.

Whether you want to learn Polish for your holidays or your job. We adapt our Polish lessons to your requirements and create a positive learning atmosphere in which learning is easy. Let go of your inhibitions of speaking Polish with our great language course!

Benefit from our extensive experience in Polish online lessons! Learn Polish online from the comfort and flexibility of your own home. All you need is a computer or tablet and (if possible) a webcam. No complicated installations are required. Just click on a link and you’re ready to go. This teaching method is particularly suitable for one-to-one Polish lessons which represent the best way for effective learning.

Sprachkurs Polnisch Anfaenger Online

Offer Polish Course

We will be happy to prepare your personal and non-binding offer for a Polish course for beginners to advanced learners on the basis of the following information:

  • Approximate level (Polish for beginners, intermediate or advanced)
  • Possible time and place (day of week & time of day, in-house polish training/at your home or outside).
  • Polish course online or face-to-face (we offer face-to-face Polish courses mainly in the Zittau and Görlitz area)
  • Polish one-to-one lessons or group courses and
  • Polish in-house company course or private course

Każdy początek jest trudny.

(All beginnings are difficult.)

Is Polish really that hard to learn?

Polish grammar is definitely more complex than, for example, English or Spanish. The pronunciation of Polish sounds also requires some practice at the beginning. The Polish lessons at Spracheninstitut Babel are therefore always taught by experienced Polish teachers. They know how to introduce you to the Polish language so that you can progress effortlessly. If you live in the border triangle in Görlitz or Zittau, you will have the opportunity to use your new Polish language skills directly every day. What other foreign language can you speak right on your doorstep? With well-structured Polish lessons, a little personal commitment and practice, Polish can be learned with ease.

On the following page you can familiarise yourself with the first important words and phrases of the Polish language. Take the first step!

First Polish phrasesGo to Culturetrip.com

Or take a look at the days of the week, times of day and months in Polish and how they are pronounced:

Days of the week, times of day and months in PolishGo to mowicpopolsku.com