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Why you should book your online language course with us now


Does this sound familiar? You’ve been wanting to improve your language skills for months, but just can’t find the time, or the face-to-face classes at the language school of your choice have been suspended for several months now?  Why not book a course with maximum flexibility and the best chances of success – a language course online!

The advantages of your online learning at a glance:

  • You can access your digitized learning content at any time.
  • Maximum flexibility – You are prevented form attending? Arrange an alternative appointment with your friendly instructor.
  • Save time and travelling costs – make the most of your time and energy.
  • You will not take a back seat in an in-house class – you will be individually supported, but also challenged. Expect to be in touch with your instructor on a personal basis weekly.
  • You learn your chosen language from the comfort of your home.

The pandemic has thrown our lives into disarray. Social contacts have dropped to a minimum, but at the same time we are finding new ways to get in touch with our loved ones. The digitalization of our world has been noticeably accelerated. The more we engage with online media, the better our media skills!

Do you still have reservations about video conferencing apps? We can help you with that, too. All you have to do is click on a link – the rest is practically automatic. Why not overcome your inhibitions about digital media in a safe learning environment? In addition to learning a language, you’ll also learn media skills that will benefit you in your professional and private life.

The instructors‘ advantages

But accelerated digitization has also opened up new possibilities for us as instructors: there is more digital learning and teaching material than ever before, and more is being added by the hour. The possibilities are almost unlimited! We will select the best offers for you from this didactic cornucopia and accompany you every step of the way to your linguistic independence.

Online courses are bookable for companies and individuals, in groups or one-on-one.

Get a non-binding quote for your online course:

Here you will find an overview of our language courses. Each language is also offered online:

„Learning is like rowing upstream; not to advance is to drop back.“


Reactions from customers to our online lessons

The majority of our clients, like us, were used to traditional face-to-face teaching until the beginning of 2020. Of course, we had already conducted online language courses before, so we had no fear of contact and were able to explain the procedure and advantages to our clients. Nevertheless, most of them were rather sceptical and many wanted to wait and see whether face-to-face teaching would soon be possible again. As we all know by now, this was not the case. Neither our course participants nor we wanted to risk losing competences that had already been acquired due to a very long break from teaching, and so gradually more and more clients decided to at least give online teaching a chance and give it a try, even though some of the reservations and fears about the technical challenges were initially great.

In retrospect, none of the online courses remained a test attempt, but all participants, whether in company courses or private lessons, were relieved and enthusiastic after the first online lesson that it was so easy after all and why they hadn’t done it much earlier. One statement from a client who definitely did not want to do her English course online was after the first online lesson: “I imagined it would be worse. We can always do it like this now.”

Alternative solution to online language courses

An alternative solution to face-to-face and online training, which we implemented due to the special circumstances of a company, is individual telephone training, which is evaluated by the participants as very helpful and practical. Statements on this included:

“I now feel much more confident when talking to foreign customers on the phone and can answer more quickly.”

“I look forward to your call every week, it gives me a good opportunity to practise exactly what I need for my job in a short time and to become aware of my typical mistakes in English.”

Learners receive a call from us unexpectedly and have to spontaneously make an English phone call, for example. In addition to the always useful small talk, we practise very concrete situations such as delivery delays, offers and enquiries, job interviews and much more. A telephone conversation lasts about 10 to 15 minutes and the mistakes of the individual learners can be dealt with individually.