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…is developing a module to build up foreign language competence in English, for academic staff and teachers… the participants of the further training reported that they had already made great progress after only a few sessions and were extremely satisfied with their learning success. They also reported that what they had learned was already showing visible results in their professional practice. The participants particularly emphasised that in addition to the very good technical skills in English, Ms Heidig’s very good didactic skills also contributed to achieving the learning goals effectively and efficiently.

TU Dresden – IHI Zittau

Since 2014, we have enjoyed working regularly with the translation agency of Spracheninstitut Babel to have English business documents translated into German. In addition to the technical expertise, we are also more than enthusiastic about the always uncomplicated cooperation and reliability. With Ms Heidig and her team, we know that our confidential documents are in good hands and we look forward to further cooperation.

Gebr. Frindt GmbH – Beiersdorf

Ms Heidig taught the English course “Fit for Business Conversation Level B1 – Conversation Course for Participants with Good Previous Knowledge” in our house for the first time in 2012. She was always flexible in the design and use of teaching methods. In addition, she optimally adapted the lessons to the needs of the course participants and integrated special requests into the lessons.

Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden – Rossendorf e. V.

…progress in the use of the English language was good to excellent, as desired. The content actually realised exceeded the originally agreed level. It should also be noted that Ms Heidig teaches in a practical way and can also clarify very specific technical questions.

Bombardier Transportation GmbH – Görlitz

We are very happy to work with Ms Heidig, because her very well-structured lessons as well as her professional competence are decisive for us. The uncomplicated cooperation, the excellent quality of the translations, the learning content of the training lessons as well as the absolute reliability are worth the money.

Walterscheid Getriebe GmbH – Sohland

…With professional competence and friendliness, she organises the lessons in a positive atmosphere. The participants particularly praise her flexibility and the sensitivity with which she adapts the lessons to the different levels of the participants. The participants have made very good progress in their knowledge and are motivated to take part in the lessons.

BIT.Group GmbH – Bautzen

…Ms Heidig trained the colleagues in general English correspondence and also specifically in certain specialist topics. This included, above all, making telephone calls, competent e-mail correspondence, self-confident and correct expression at customer and supplier appointments and drafting business letters. In addition, Ms Heidig also translated special documents into English and thus enabled us to have a professional exchange with foreign business partners.

Digades GmbH – Zittau

…. Many thanks for the quick and professional translation of presentation documents. The technical and organisational results of a mandate to develop an IT strategy could thus be made available to our client’s international board in a very timely manner. We were able to concentrate fully on the technical preparation of the content and did not have to take care of the translation ourselves.

INFOSOFT Herstellerneutrale Softwareberatung AG – Hamburg

…convinces with a good methodical approach, great motivational ability as well as her unrestricted language competence in English.

Veolia Verkehr GmbH (heute Transdev) – Görlitz

…our extraordinary satisfaction with the translation services provided by her. In addition to the outstanding quality of the work results, we would like to refer in particular to the very good cooperation.

Institut für Bildung, Information & Kommunikation der Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz

I would like to thank you very much for the successful translation of our food and beverage menus. Our international guests are delighted every day to be able to read the offers in internationally understandable English. Native English speakers are always impressed by the perfect correspondence of the content.

Restaurant Salü – Görlitz

Ms Heidig is a very competent, flexible and friendly English teacher. I have had private lessons for a good year and am very satisfied. She explains in a very understandable way and caters to my needs. My English skills have improved in speaking and writing in a short time as a result. I feel very comfortable. Ms Heidig gives very good tips on how to learn, motivates me and makes the lessons varied. I am very happy to recommend Ms Heidig.

Stefanie D. aus Görlitz

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