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Certified translation Russian – German of official documents

We would be happy to provide you with a certified Russian – German translation of official documents, such as:

  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Contracts
  • Marriage certificates
  • Registration certificates
  • Employment certificates
  • Certificates of good conduct
  • Driving licences

Your translation will be done by publicly appointed and sworn translators for the Russian language, who are authorised to produce sworn translations of certificates, diplomas and official documents.

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Confidentiality of your documents for Russian / German translation

Do you need a certified translation, for example, to start a course of study or a new job abroad or even in Germany? These important documents are in good hands with us. Confidentiality is a matter of course for us, which we will gladly confirm in writing upon request.

Every translation into Russian or German is done by native speakers or studied translators with a native-speaker level. Our translators have several years of professional experience, so you can be sure that your translation is correct and complete.

Each finished translation is proofread by a second person, so that the highest quality standards are ensured with the help of the four-eyes principle and you can be sure that you will receive a professional Russian or German translation of your certificate or diploma.

Offer (Certified) Translation Russian

For a non-binding offer on the translation and possibly certification of your Russian or German text, please let us know:

  • Text to be translated in Word or PDF format (preferably Word)
  • Delivery date


You will not find any prices for translation services on our website. Every text is unique and therefore the effort for research, formatting and wording is always individual. A simple standard text with phrases that are used frequently can be translated more quickly than a technical text with numerous technical terms and complex sentence structures or a document that requires a great deal of formatting so that it also visually resembles the original. A translator is not a walking dictionary, especially when it comes to technical terminology, and the relevant words and their correct use in the respective context must be researched.

For us, the accuracy and completeness of the content of the translation is paramount and this sometimes takes time if the translation is to be correct and good. That’s why we take our time to look at each source text and then estimate the amount of work involved, which is reflected in a price per line or document that is fair to both you and us.

What is a standard line?

Translations are usually charged by the line of the source text. A standard line consists of 55 characters including spaces. You can easily determine the number of lines in your document in Word by clicking on “Tools” and “Count words”. Divide the “Number of characters including spaces” by 55 to calculate the number of lines.

Why you are better off leaving translations to experts

When you search the Internet for translation agencies for Russian/German, you will find a large number of offers, especially from large translation services. You should know that there are many providers who usually work with self-appointed translators who have not studied the profession. The job title “translator” is not protected, so anyone can call themselves that. The problem is obvious: the agencies want a good profit margin and therefore often work with cheap, self-appointed “translators” who often do not have the necessary training and experience to produce a truly professional Russian or German translation.

Thanks to our cooperation with sworn and studied translators for the Russian language, we can guarantee high-quality, correct and complete translations.