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Have your important documents professionally translated by us

With us, you have a reliable partner for the terminologically and content-wise flawless translation of your texts and documents. We are certified translators who can translate your confidential and important documents into various languages.

Into which languages you can have your documents translated by us

Most of our translation work is done with the language combination English-German-English, but we also offer translation services for all other modern languages: French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Czech, Polish….. The list goes on.

How we translate your texts

Every translation is carried out by native speakers with the appropriate training and experience. The finished translation is checked by a second person so that the highest quality standards are ensured with the help of the dual control principle.

What is wrong with using Google Translate and DeepL for a document translation

Translating a text from one language into another does not mean that the individual words only have to be translated correctly and the grammar adapted to the respective target language. If it were that simple, the profession of translator would have been obsolete long ago and everyone could have their documents translated by DeepL.

In fact, simple sentences or standardised texts can be translated very efficiently and correctly by machine, as there are now databases in which the equivalent sought in the target language is already stored. However, this does not work when it comes to individual or even creative texts. Machines do not understand any meaning that may be between the lines and accordingly cannot decide which meaning is the correct one. This can lead to amusing mistakes, but also to costly ones in the legal or economic field.

What happens when savings are made on the document translation service

Chevrolet once named one of its sedans “Nova” and wondered why sales in Latin America were very slow. The reason was that “no va” stands for “doesn’t work” there.

When you have your documents translated, you want the readers of the target language to feel addressed in the same way as they do when reading a text in their mother tongue. We don’t just translate the source text into the target language, we transfer it into the target culture so that it will have the same effect on the recipient.

Request a quote for the translation of your documents

We need the following information to be able to provide you with a quote:

  • Text to be translated (preferably in Microsoft Word format)
  • Delivery date

Why have your document translation done by experts

In the following article you will find a vivid explanation of why it is not enough to speak a foreign language well. Even in times of Google Translate or DeepL, humans cannot be replaced by a machine, because mistakes are literally pre-programmed with it:

Article: Why should I hire an English-German translation agency?

This YouTube video makes it wonderfully clear what one or two translation errors can lead to. Even though a few entertaining examples are given here, the effects of which are kept within reasonable bounds, the video gives a good foretaste of what can happen when gross errors creep into the translation of an important document or company presentation:

When translations go terribly wrong. Watch Video on YouTube